Adios Amigos

FREEDOM! School is almost over! What a happy day that will be. But school is not over yet so I’ll use the time left to write a goodbye post. Yep, my blog is coming to an end. And as happy as I am that summer is almost here, I will miss blogging.

My favorite posts were: Nooooo! (coming back to school), Fire! Fire! (my hair on fire) and a Cats vs. Dogs (post about my love for dogs). These are my favorites because my voice comes through and I had fun writing them.

I guess I learnt a few things while blogging. Wait, did I? Oh yeah. I learnt about how to make a good comment. Before I started blogging I thought that you just put in an opinion and posted the comment. Turns out, you can do it like that but that isn’t considered a good comment. For example if I had done a post on dogs and someone commented “Oh, so cute!” it’s not considered good. For a comment to be good you shhould say things like “I liked the part where you said that the border collie is best known for its eyes and bla bla bla.” And if you have your own blog or site, you should add in your link.

I have to admit that I used to be the worst with computers. But I think I improved in a few things. Right? Well I guess in typing. I can type faster than before (I used to be a real turtle when I typed!).

But back to my blog. My posts never were quite short, were they? No I like adding on to what I wrote. And I know that in my About Me I said that here would be a lot of micro posts. Well I didn’t exactly follow through on that did I? Nope. Well I did write about animals on every possible occasion. Yeah… My blog is a good one for animal lovers.

One of my favorite things to do on my blog was adding widgets. My favorite widget is Luna and the one that says I’m in Gryffindor (yay!). I’m not going to explain how to because I haven’t got the slightest idea of how to explain it.

And finally, what would my ideal blog be? It would be an animal themed blog. I wish I could have done more animal posts and other free themed posts.

So I hope that you enjoyed my blog and the posts I did. I might be doing other posts before the end of school but I’m not sure. So in case I don’t, I will say this: SCHOOL IS ALMOST OVER! SURVIVE!!!!

Adios Amigos! (I want a taco!)

Back To The Boards


Video games, board games. Both of them are games, true, but only one goes back far in history. So today, I’ll be talking about the boards. Board games are a great activity to do on a rainy day but you certainly won’t catch me inside on a rainy day. Nope I’ll be outside, splashing around. But that’s beside the point. Board games are quite fun.

My all-time favorite is Clue. I first started to play when I was nine. It was my family birthday party and my theme was spy and detective so my dad got me Clue. I like Clue because it’s a game of strategy and logic as well as secrecy which I love. In this mystery game, I love the slyness you have to use in order to get clues. I have to say, I’m good at Clue.

But I’m also good at Chess. Although I am not as good, I’m still good. In Chess, when you’re about to make a move, you have to think about the consequences it could cause. It’s all about thinking a few movs ahead which is what I love about it.

And no for a crash course in history, I give you the History of Clue (sorry, I have to).

Clue was invented in 1944 by Anthony Ernest Pratt. Mr. Pratt described himself as “an introvert full of imaginative notions” so he invented the now popular murder game, Clue.

The Pratts seemed to simply be an elderly couple just like any other to retire to the south coast near Bournemouth, England. But what many did not know was that the Pratts were specialists in darks deeds and savage murder so it came as a slight shock when in 1944, they invented Clue.

Today, Clue is sold in more than 40 countries. The game has many different names such as Cluedo in England and Detective in Brazil.

I guess that this game has come a long way since its release in 1944. I mean now they even made a special Harry Potter version which I’m so getting by the way.

What’s your favorite game?

Sweet, Sweet Success!


Ah success. There are so many different meanings. To every person success means a different thing. To me, it means reaching a goal. Like me and a dog. When I finally get one, I will have succeeded. To me success means perseverance or determination. That you’ve made it till the end. To another person, success could mean something totally different. Like it could mean filthy, rolling in money, rich. Or that you are famous. That you have a good life or career.  Like the dictionary’s definition is: “The accomplishment of an aim or purpose.” So a little like what I find success is. Continue reading

Bon Vieux Québec!


Quebec is the past, present and future. Quebec is the big Canadian province. Quebec is a place where dreams come true. Ok fine. Quebec is the last Canadian province. Bla bla bla. And I’m still waiting for that dog.

But there are still some fun things about Quebec. Like the sugar shack. It’s a classic Quebec activity. It’s very well known here. Not everywhere has maple trees. But we do. We have a lot! It’s the Canadian symbol. Continue reading

Long Live Nature!


Every time I go outside, I see garbage here and there. Well there shouldn’t be any at all. Everyone knows that the ozone is getting weaker because of pollution. And everyone says things like “I won’t pollute anymore,” or “I’ll do my best to save the environment.” Yet when you think about it, hardly anyone does. Everyday someone doesn’t want to walk a few feet to throw out their garbage. Instead, they just throw it on the ground thinking “My one piece of garbage won’t make a difference.” Well guess what? It does. How? When everyone thinks that their little piece of garbage won’t make a difference and litter, it starts to gather up. Just throw it out! It won’t kill you to throw out your thrash. In fact, it could kill you no to. Continue reading

Dusk Across The Dust

As the sun set, it cast an eerie orange glow to the Texas countryside. All was open nature; the forest, the fields, the country it was all there except an old and dusty train rack. There was no train in sight yet there was something unseen approaching: soft pats were heard.


And then in the distance, a beautiful stallion trotted into view. He was as dark as night and there was no rider on his back. As a soft summer breeze arose, his long, dark, silky mane rippled down his neck. He pawed the ground softly and ate some blades of grass.

He seemed so calm and so beautiful that I had to approached him. As I drew nearer, he looked up. He lifted his head to his full height so that he was taller than me. And he stared at me his big mysterious eyes. Yet he did not flee. Instead, he advanced towards me. Now he was so close that I could feel his slow, warm breath on my head. I cautiously reached up and stroked his velvety nose. He nudged my head with his nose. I did not understand but I knew that a new friendship was born. Continue reading